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Question: Add post to Calendar?

@Friendica Developers :

HI, is it possible to add a post to the calendar easily?
What do you mean by "a post"? You can add an event to the calendar easily (look for the Plus sing in the top-right in the Frio theme).

I'm afraid you'll have to create manually an event in your calendar (Friendica or personal) because this post isn't an event itself.

Ah ok, so the poster should have known better :)
So the correct way would be to go to calendar - Create an event and then share it from there?

Absolutely. The event creation form itself has a "Share" feature.

In your case, there's no easy way of guessing that Tobias' post is describing an event with a title, a time and date and a location. We can do that as humans but it would be way more complicated for a machine.

And when someone shares the event, this "share" can be imported by others into their calendars seamlessly, right?

I'm not sure, but if it doesn't exist, it would be easier to add than from regular posts!

If it is shared with you, you'll see it in your calendar too. No import necessary.

Hm, but sometimes the events are not shared with me and I see them by coincidence. So in that case it would make sense to have an "add to my calendar" button.

Yes, I agree, that would be a feature that would come very handy

Ok. So there is no general Tag for "Date", "Place", "Coordinates" and so on, that works with ostatus, activitypub and diaspora-protocol...?

But if that is the case, this would mean, that compatibility in should be much improved between networks and protocols....

Thing is, most of the other networks don't have events and calendars. Hubzilla is the only other Fedi software I know that has a calendar too.
So, they would need to fix something (display it correctly) that they don't have themselves. Difficult.

We can still format a normal post from an event for network not supporting events.

There are provisions for them, but they aren't necessarily supported by AP-enabled software for example.